Why Choose Sound Advice Financial?

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Why Choose Sound Advice Financial?

Our business is personal.

Providing financial advice is a very personal endeavor. Every situation is different and the most important situation is yours. In order to provide you the most appropriate advice you will have to share your hopes and dreams and sensitive private financial information.

Our goal is to help you prepare for the future. And that is very personal.

Sound Advice Financial does business differently. We do business personally. As investment advisor representatives, we take our statutory fiduciary duty seriously. We are not brokers that make money by selling you things. Rather, we offer money management options tailored to your individual and personal needs. We take the time to develop a financial strategy for you that addresses your needs, your concerns and your vision of your future. We help you plan well so you can live well.

A few of the things that set us apart:

  • We take great pride in being very accessible and approaching your financial health with a personal touch
  • We can explain the intricacies of economics, financial markets and investment planning in an easy to understand way that is relevant to your situation
  • Payment flexibility, such as an asset-based fee structure, project-based investment consulting fees, or an hourly rate, depending entirely on your needs and wants
  • We don’t just manage your assets, we’re here to answer all of your financial questions
  • Our “un-bundled” approach is much different than most financial advisors

If you have questions about financial planning and investment management, like:

  • When to start financial planning,
  • How to start financial planning,
  • How financial planning works,
  • Why financial planning is important,
  • If you have enough money to retire,
  • If your money last through your whole life, or
  • How much does financial planning and investment management cost, then contact us. We’ll get you the answers you need.

We are serious about your financial health. With our customized investment management, financial and retirement planning services, we help you focus on making sound financial decisions. Whether it is a strategy to help you accumulate wealth or a strategy to turn your wealth into a steady income stream, we can assist you in achieving your goals. We’ll also show you how to coordinate retirement decisions, so you can continue to pay your bills, as well as how to generate income from your investments. 

The bottom line: Our goal is to help you plan and prepare for the future. And your bottom line is the one that is the most important. We strongly believe that when you plan well, you live well. And that is very personal.