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Our Story

Our goal is to help you prepare for the future.

With our customized investment management and financial planning services, we help you focus on making sound financial decisions. When you plan well you can live well.

We can help create a realistic and achievable financial plan.

From developing an investment management plan to grow and manage your assets to turning your wealth into a steady income stream, or paying for your children’s education to planning your estate, or creating a legacy through philanthropy , we can help you create a financial and investment plan.

Providing financial advice is a very personal endeavor. It requires you to share your desires for the future and sensitive private financial information. We understand that it’s not easy to do that, and we respect the responsibility that comes with this level of trust.

At Sound Advice Financial we do things differently. We take our statutory fiduciary duty seriously. We are not brokers that benefit by selling you something, especially something you don’t need. We don’t try to confuse you with technical industry jargon and buzzwords; we tell it like it is. We leave dreams to people who sell mattresses and concentrate on your financial reality. We take the time to develop an investment strategy for you that addresses your needs, your concerns and your vision and goals.

You know the phrase, “It’s not personal. It’s business?” We disagree. Our business is personal.