Investment Management Based on Sound Advice

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The path to everyone’s future is different. Some people have an easy time investing and make a comfortable living. Others scrimp and save, use every coupon they find, and put a little something away every month. Regardless of your financial habits, Sound Advice Financial will learn your financial needs and provide smart investment direction.

Good financial advice creates better investment management.

Sound Advice Financial is a fiduciary investment advisor. A fiduciary advisor is a financial professional you hire to pick stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts and other investments on your behalf. A fiduciary is legally obliged to act in your best interest. Sound Advice Financial strives to understand your needs in order to make recommendations that help you achieve your investment and financial goals.

Here is how we help you plan well and live well:

We determine your financial situation. We’ll learn details about your current financial reality with regard to income, savings, assets, expenses, and debts.

We learn about you and your financial goals. By getting to know you, we learn about your tolerance for risk, your preferred investments, your timeframe, and most importantly, your investment goals. Do you need an income stream from your investments to support your lifestyle now or in the future?  Do you need, or desire, education funding for children or grandchildren?  Do you have a legacy or philanthropic interest to plan for?  These are just some of the issues to consider.  We help you crystallize your thinking with open dialogue and discussion of what you would like to accomplish with your financial resources.

We create and implement a financial action plan. We’ll help you develop an asset allocation and portfolio strategy that help you achieve your goals. This can be done by using different amounts and combinations of common investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs.  It will be a portfolio strategy designed around you and how you want to achieve your goals while avoiding the hidden fees and high expenses in the products pushed by Wall Street and the big banks.

We’ll track your progress and update your plan as needed. We’ll compare your plan’s performance against your goals and how the financial markets have performed. If life events have changed your financial needs we’ll help you adapt to those changes. Regularly reviewing your plan will help you make adjustments that will bring your financial goals and activities in line with your current life situation.

We help you plan well so you can live well.