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Philanthropic Planning

Philanthropy is using what you have accumulated during your lifetime to promote the greater good. It’s much more than donating to the local pet shelter or buying fundraising candy bars.

It’s about creating a legacy.

It’s also a strategic way to create a better world for your children and grandchildren. Good philanthropic planning can maximize your legacy and benefit your community and the organizations that mean the most to you.

Philanthropy can happen during your lifetime and afterward through your estate.

Contributing to charitable organizations that are important to you benefits both you and the charity and impacts your tax liability as much as it impacts your legacy of giving. Gift giving can also be done through strategic investments in charitable funds and trusts. We can advise you on setting up funds that generate an ongoing stream of revenue for a charitable organization. Your philanthropy provides needed support for your favorite causes and creates substantial tax savings for you.

Leaving a legacy of giving changes lives and provides a model of generosity to your heirs.

Sound Advice Financial approaches philanthropic planning with understanding what is important to you. Is it a love of art? Helping the homeless? Promoting animal welfare? Funding educational scholarships? Saving the environment? Whatever your core values, we’ll help you help others through philanthropic planning.

We’ll create a philanthropic plan focused on what’s important to you and determine your economic wealth to decide what amounts to gift and to whom. When you plan well, you can help other live well.